1. Inspections / police checks

2. Optimization Stocks

3. Calamities and Risks

4. Training Customers

5. Customizing Products

   6. Project Support


Veltkamp - Customer Service



1. Inspections and Checks


Regulation and controls are becoming increasingly stringent. Drivers, carriers and shippers need not only for the insurance, but also at police checks immediately and on the spot to prove that are allowed to drive the vehicle., everything is technically in good condition, which cargo is being transported, the weight of the load is not too high and that the cargo is well secured in accordance with regulations.


However, there is much uncertainty about the quality and safety around the securing of load.

For road and rail transport is the regulation for this purpose, in particular by Germany tightened sharply. It should be complied with the EN12195-2 (VDI2700).


However, how a check determines whether standards are being met has already led to many unnecessary problems and hefty fines.

To avoid this offers Veltkamp customers through the website:

  • to download product certificates
  • to download tensile tests of lashing and ratchets tie down per batch
  • to make a choice from the various securing systems and on this basis, to calculate the number of required straps
This fulfils globally applicable government regulation, insurance conditions and requirements internationally operating industrial companies, making discussions and ambiguities be prevented.



2. Optimization Inventory Costs


The cost of warehouses and stocks come under increasing pressure. However, costs that are also directly affect the continuity of business. Stagnation costs even more.

Veltkamp offers clients the ability to control both the costs and the risks optimally.

By making delivery arrangements for a longer term:

  • inventories at the customer can be reduced and costs of warehousing can be decreased
  • delivered can be directly and worldwide to various customer locations
  • margins can be taken into account in the planned quantities
  • is assembled and branded delivery for specific projects possible
  • products and packaging can be labeled specifically for customers
  • can respond flexible to changing markets and projects
  • has the customer in case of emergencies contingency stocks at his disposal
  • are on-time delivery and continuity guaranteed


3. Calamities and Risks


Besides the quality of the business processes is identifying and controlling risks surrounding the continuity is becoming increasingly important.
Certifying agencies, insurance companies, funders, etc. require increasingly identifying potential risk factors and measures to prevent or to a manageable level. Part of this is a rapid delivery of products which are important in order to maintain the continuity of processes.

Veltkamp offers customers the ability to hold specific contingency stocks.
These agreements are made with respect to the:

  • risk-product range
  • height of stocks
  • location (s) of storage (worldwide)
  • delivery time in case of emergencies
  • way of any emergency transportation (e.g. air freight)
  • direct shipments to customers of our customers
  • transport and customs formalities


4. Training


Difficulties in securing loads are often a result of not enough experience and the wrong way of using the material.

As a result, increasing not only the cost, but can also result in movement of cargo, damage and even cause accidents. Often with large financial implications and problems with insurance companies and owners of goods.

Veltkamp therefore provides training for both sellers and end-users, on a veltkamp-location or on site at the customers. This course focuses on:

  • application possibilities become clear and what are the common mistakes
  • understanding of sales staff facing application problems at their customers
  • principles of cargo securing and the different ways of securing
  • the possible combinations of lashing closures and tensioners and the different ways of securing the load
  • the practical use of lashing equipment
  • the calculation of the number of ratchets tie down and / or lashing straps to secure a load in accordance with the regulations

5. Customizing Products


Depending on numbers, type of product and specifications products can be made customer specific by:

  • printing
  • length of ratchets tie down, slings, chains and ropes
  • configurations of swr and chain
  • coloring of ratchets tie down lashing, plastic products, chains, tags, etc.
  • RFID
  • labeling
  • product / pallet packaging


6. Project Support


Logistics providers also support clients on a project basis. Projects often have an international character with multiple locations,
with a lot of pressure on planning and management operation.

Veltkamp hereby grants include support:

  • to advise on request at the project planning
  • to put together shipments with goods from other suppliers
  • organizing transportation worldwide to project locations
  • maintaining necessary contingency stocks
  • deliver with certificates, but also with test results from the batch numbers that are listed on the straps and lashing
  • upon request, advise on opportunities to reduce project costs
  • to advise on request regarding the use of materials and their combinations