The Engineering & Tooling department is the basis for our product development and process control. A department that focuses specifically on innovation, design, engineering and control.

The development of a product often involves many aspects that are internationally important for practical application. This should take into account, among other things:

  • necessary safety aspects
  • inventoried risk factors
  • practical applicability
  • specific application factors (intermodal, rail, offshore, military, air, etc.)
  • the economic feasibility
  • international regulations


Design injection mold



A department that focuses specifically on innovation, design, engineering and control.

However, the activities are not only limited to the design and development of, but also the molds, stamps and tools required for this are manufactured in-house.

Innovation and design are of course essential, but it is also about reliability, safety, practicality of use and economic feasibility.

These development processes often take place in consultation and in collaboration with the relevant sectors, for example the transport sector or the paper and steel industry, but also with certification bodies such as the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the German Dekra Institute.

The department does not limit itself to the design alone, but coordinates and supervises the certification process in accordance with international regulations. In practice, these are often expensive and years of testing and testing processes.


Trailer with side wheels for test

Brake test by Dekra Lubeck

In addition to product development, the department also supports production and logistics processes. This not only concerns the optimization of these processes, but also continuity.

A large part of the machine park is in operation 24/7. To this end, it is very important that machines, tools, installations and equipment function optimally. Technical maintenance and the prevention of malfunctions and failures are therefore a priority.

Our goal is to achieve optimal control of not only quality and communication, but of all business aspects and the supply chain worldwide.

It is important that our customers can count on quality and reliability.




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