For heavy and intensive applications Veltkamp provides quality brands including RUD Chains.

We focus in particular on the professional end-users which focus on intensive use and projects in the industry, in ports, at sea and in projects. Safety and cost of lifting equipment herein are determined by the quality and the approved lifetime of the equipment.

For example, for the transportation of an offshore wind turbine lashing chains are used only once, because of the severe attack by sea water, so that the tensioners get stuck. Because of the high quality the lashing chains can be used repeated three times for the same offshore transport.


These manufacturers have been selected on
  • globally renowned product quality
  • excellent price / quality ratio
  • advanced manufacturing
  • absolutely high-quality engineering
  • adequate way of working
  • quality tracking and certification system (RFID)
  • support for military and project applications
  • capacity to support

  • extremely long life
  • patented RFID - system
  • patented coating that turns black when used outside the operating temperatures
  • double-layered coating is stronger than galvanized or oiled
  • customer-specific engineering and design
  • chain work with data and a gauge for visual inspection without datasheet
  • all products and assemblies are monkey proof, which prevents unsafe use


Magenta color RUD Chains  

Specifically for the RUD chains is the pink, magenta color.
This signal color is related to the temperature range of -60 to + 300 °C.
These typical color acts as a heat indicator.

When using chains at temperatures above 200 °C, the work load must be corrected. Above 200 °C is WLL 90% - above 250 °C is WLL 60%.

At 250 °C the color changes to dark purple and above 300 °C, the chain is black. In that case, the metallurgical changes so that the chain should be rejected!



The Veltkamp range includes

  • tension chains, grade 120 and grade 80
  • lifting chains, grade 100 and 120
  • lifting points from M6 to M150 (1/4 "to 5") with various designs and welded versions of from 0.5 to 100 ton WLL
  • wheel chains for operating equipment to include forestry, mining and industry
  • container chain and securing equipment
  • a specific military product range, which can be adjusted according to the desired specifications and applications

All products come with certificate, test report and technical specifications.


Transport / RoRo / Container Chain

For the less intensive applications and use in containers and cargo bays delivers Veltkamp the Transport- or RoRo- or Container chains. This are chains with a lower Safety Factor of 2: 1 instead of 4: 1.

Standard diameters are 9, 11 and 13 mm, with a WLL of 50, 75 or 100 tons. Heavier versions are available on request.

The chains are supplied with container hooks, elephants legs or harp seals.

In combination with this we supply an extensive range of equipment for the hoisting and securing of shipping containers.



For the offshore are the chains supplied in the relevant IMO-year color.

Depending on the customer requirement is hereby the entire chain or ID tag or the master link in the IMO-year color. Also a corporate color is possible.


Equipment Management + Examinations

Customers can download the technical files and documents directly from the site of Veltkamp.

As a result, one always and everywhere access to the complete, printable product information and planning, and compliance with international regulations.

Including can stock administrators to control costs by us are trained to independently inspect, and to manage the technical files.

The periodic inspections and examinations can then be performed by our certified inspectors.