Quality, Health, Safety and Environment



Our activities focus worldwide on a wide range of clients and market sectors, and are carried out in accordance with customer-specific requirements, but also in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

During all operations the focus is on quality, environment, well-being, safety, service and reliability.



Our core values are focused on meeting or exceeding the expectations of customers, regulators and our own internal standards for quality, health, safety, environment (QHSE) and service. We go beyond compliance to drive continuous improvement through leadership, a robust management system and the commitment of our people.



The policy is based on the following principles:

  • The care for quality, safety, health and the environment is of primary importance to us.
  • Ensuring the well-being of our employees and preventing occupational diseases.
  • The continuous attention for the requirements and expectations of our clients and the environment and the translation of these requirements and expectations to the requirements our organisation .
  • The objective to prevent any damage to the health of the staff and third parties, to production assets and/or buildings and to the environment during the execution of the activities.
  • The focus is not only on preventing damage that directly arises from these activities, but also optimalisation of the product designs.
  • The continuous assessment of our management system in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, identifying improvements insofar as possible, increasing client satisfaction, reducing the environmental impact and preventing any risks for the health of staff and third parties.



Our compliance is focused on preventing illegal acts. This also applies to measures and controls that run to infringe laws and regulations to avoid in a working environment.

Veltkamp BV attaches great importance to high ethical standards. Our compliance scheme focuses on preventing corruption, fraud, breach of trust and unauthorized agreements with employees, business partners and other external parties. Veltkamp BV see strict compliance to the compliance with the scheme and acts directly on violation or suspicion of violation.



Starting points for our prevailing policy and management system include, among other things:

  • ISO 9001 (quality)
  • ISO 14001 (environment)
  • ISO 45001 (labor and safety)
  • AEO-S (customs permit - security )

In addition to the technological and economic developments, all aspects and elements of the Veltkamp organisation are therefore specifically focused on client satisfaction and on preventing risks.

To this end, Veltkamp HQ is certified for: