In addition to the professional and international operating end users in sectors such as industry, construction, offshore and road, air and rail transport we focus our expertise on the engineering solutions for standard and special applications for all lifting equipmnet, wheel chains, lifting-and lashing points for technical and logistical support for land, air and naval forces.
Priority are the security and continuity of the units under the most extreme conditions. In cooperation with various army specialists and our team of specialist engineers we work constantly on the development, optimization and special projects for military applications.

  • Technical advantages:
  • optimized system weigth
  • safe handling due to an ergonomic desigs
  • specific manuals
  • all lifting chains with overload indicator to prevent damage
  • forged safety ladges on each hook
  • no reduction of the WLL by using shorteners and tensioners
  • all components marked with an tracking code
  • if desirable also tracking available width RFID
  • special weight reduced lashing chains for air transport
  • specially developed non-skid-chains for harsh military applications
  • applicable under harsh conditions (-60ºC / -76ºF)
  • All systems and divices are developt and manufactured according the European, International en special military standards:
  • lashing chains approved for military rail transport (AMOV-P4)
  • involved in new projects for military Aircraft Systems and Equipment (A400M)
  • involved in the production and maintenance of current systems (C-160 en HUSLE)
  • specific engineering for military applications and projects
  • approved supplier to the Defence Industry with over 1000 NATO Stock Numbers
  • With Nato Cage Codes H7536 / D3800, developed and manufactured in compliance with:
  • STANAG's
  • AMOV-P4
  • BW-TL 2540-0002
  • Inspections and Examinations
  • Inspections and examinations on site may also be provided by Veltkamp. Among other methods we use NDR MPI-research (Non Destructive Research - Magnetic Particle Inspection) for examinations, so that the equipment will remain on the base present and available. In this way are continuity and security assured, including compliance with legal guidelines.

    Interim is also possible, for example, after completion of specific exercises or missions.

    Safety, maximum operational dependability and rapid response capacity are always guaranteed.
  • For this purpose Veltkamp provides on-site training on location, with particular regards to:
  • principles of cargo securing and different ways of tie down
  • understanding of users in the daily application problems
  • calculation of the required equipment to use
  • practical use of lashing and chain equipment
  • structuring and management of the Equipment Data Manament System (EDM)
  • In addition to equipment supplies include also:
  • the appropriate NSN numbers
  • product drawings
  • any improvements over previous versions
  • Product Certificate
  • military manual
  • General advantages for the army:
  • provides a complete solution
  • provides in accordance with customer wishes
  • military manual
  • provides maintenance
  • keeps stock of spare parts
  • has a military background
  • has a military engineering department
  • a range of about 1,300 NSN numbers
  • provides a complete range of wheel chains